Meet Zack.

Another sweet senior boy on my 2021 Senior Team. Zack is into a bit of everything: baseball, skateboarding, teaching himself to play guitar. And let's face it, the boy know how to dress...Nirvana and Def Leppard t-shirts?! Yes, please. His parents raised him right. And speaking of his parents, I've known them for decades...they went to school with my brothers. And they are some good folks. Zack plays catcher for his baseball team, just like his dad did in his high school days.

For his individual session, Zack wanted to go to the skate part and I was thrilled! This session was so unique and so much fun. I loved watching Zack skate, fall, laugh about it and get up and do it all over again. He has such a great attitude and his smile and positive vibes are contagious.