Meet Pacee.

She's a senior at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia where she's in the band and on the soccer team. And Pacee has the privilege of being the only girl on the JSP Senior Team this year! I never would have imagined that there would be so many boys on my senior team, but Pacee and I are here together making it work, keeping them in line.

Pacee knew she wanted her Fall Session in a rural, country location and I knew the perfect place. Brooke, at Southern Ivy & Company, helped Pacee put together three perfect fall outfits and she rocked them all! For her Spring Session, we're doing a 180-degree turn and going for an industrial, old building, warehouse look. I'm so glad Pacee is on my team! She's beautiful and we had so much fun at this session.

Location | RJS Sumner Farms

Hair | Rachel Quick

Clothing | Southern Ivy & Company

Senior girl standing in grassy yard
Senior girl standing in sunshine wearing a dress looking down
Senior girl wearing a hat laughing in a grassy field
Senior girl black and white photo
senior girl wearing a dress standing beside a white fence
senior girl leaning on a white fence smiling
senior girl wearing burnt orange sweater and black hat standing in a grassy field
senior girl posing in a grassy field wearing a sweater and hat
black and white image of senior girl standing in a grassy field
senior girl in burnt orange sweater and black hat standing in a grassy field
senior gir practices posing in a grassy field

 Joy Sumner is a natural light photographer specializing in seniors. Sessions are tailored to each girl's ideas and personality. She has partnered with a local hair stylist, Rachel Quick, and a local boutique, Southern Ivy & Company, to help the girls with hair and clothing and make sure the girls feel beautiful and comfortable.