Jared and I went to church together and were in the same classes until I left Adel Elementary and went to Lenox Elementary in the 4th grade, which is when I met Melanie. So you could say we've all been great friends for a very long time. They're two of the best people you'll ever meet. Melanie always, and I mean always, has a smile on her face and a happy disposition. And Jared is just a big teddy bear. These two have been together a total of 26 years - middle school sweethearts! Awww! They're raising there wonderful children and I was so happy they asked me to take their family photographs. Melanie told me it had been three years since they had family photos - Jack was just a baby!

They rocked their session! The location, the sunlight and the laughs were all perfect! Megan and Josie are beautiful girls with the sweetest personalities. And their little brother, Jack, is a little ball of energy! Enjoy a sneak peek of our fun time together!

A family photography session on Sumner Farms in South Georgia.
Young girl in a blue shirt smiling in a grassy field.
Siblings laughing together.
Married couple holds hands and kisses in a grassy field.
A teenage girl posing for a picture in a grassy field.
A dad and his children in a grassy field.
Two sisters laughing with their little brother in a grassy field.
A brother and his 2 sisters standing in a grassy field.
A family posing for a photograph in the sunshine in a grassy field.