Meet Landan.

Landan is one of my senior team athletes. He loves baseball. So naturally, two of his individual sessions are all about baseball. For this session, I met Landan and his mom at their house. With his bat, glove and letterman jacket, we got some pretty great shots to represent his love for the sport. With the sun glistening just behind the trees, it made for a gorgeous session. Oh, and his mom had the BEST idea! She rounded up all the Toy Story toys and we set them up on the front porch with Landan walking away, like Andy when he left for college! Awww! Landan's Spring individual session will be on his high school baseball field and I can't wait!

senior boy holding baseball glove
senior boy holding baseball bat
senior boy throwing baseball
Senior boy in red letterman jacket
senior boy holding baseball glove
senior boy sitting on steps
senior boy toy story cast