Jessica's Pregnancy Journey, in her own words.

“For this child I have prayed.” 1 Samuel 1:27

For 12 years I’ve waited to become a mother and carry a child to full term. After many losses and fertility testing, a rare blood clotting disorder was discovered. It wouldn’t be impossible, but challenging to carry a child to full term. All things worth waiting for, usually aren’t easy. Nothing about my pregnancy and my journey to get here has been easy, but every bit worth it. Lovenox injections every day in my stomach, blood thinners, some bed rest due high blood pressure, growth hormones, asthma worsening due to pregnancy and all during quarantine while social distancing, staying at home through the coronavirus pandemic.....and yet I would do it all again to carry my child safely just as many mothers have done before me. I’m grateful and beyond blessed to carry our rainbow baby and cannot wait for this new journey to start!!