Hanna is a Pre-K teacher. And if you know anything about Pre-K, you know it takes a special person to wrangle a classroom of 20+ four-year-olds all day and still have them love you at the end of the day. But that's Hanna. The kids love her. And she loves them right back. But what makes Hanna such an upbeat, happy, loving person is her love for Jesus. It shines through her smile, her personality, and her kind spirit. Her friends will tell you, you're a better person for knowing Hanna.

One more thing that makes Hanna who she is: she grew up on a farm. And she still lives on that farm today. Farming and country living are part of her soul and she embraces it. During her session, we rode around her family farm on her side by side, splashing through puddles, holding on for dear life and laughing the whole time. She's not afraid to be silly, act goofy, and laugh at herself. And that's why she's my people.